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Physical Security + Virtual Security = COMPLETE PROTECTION

Times are changing in the security space. In the past, all that businesses had to worry about were physical break-ins through doors and windows – now there is an ever more pressing threat – CYBERCRIME. The physical threat has now become digital. Large corporations are continually increasing their network security measures making them harder and harder to hack; therefore, small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) have become a prime target for cyber crimes.

The cyber security solution i10shield provides to SMB’s leverages the same technology used by the US military and Fortune 500 companies. This level of cyber security can cost companies tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to secure their networks.

At i10shield we do things a little different – with one simple device, we enable our dealers to connect their customer’s network to the MDS cloud and provide high caliber cyber security at a fraction of the cost with zero internet performance loss.

Our mission is to provide SMB’s with an enterprise grade, wire speed, simplified cyber security solution that is tailored to their business and managed with just a few clicks of a mouse.


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  • MAXIMUM SECURITY…i10shield provides cloud-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) to small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) which protects them against outside intrusions, hackers, and viruses   
  • LOW COST…i10shield makes cyber security affordable to SMB’s with package options starting at a low monthly rate per location
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE…Because malicious network threats are screened in the proprietary MDS cloud, i10shield’s customers do not suffer any bandwidth pollution, allowing their Internet to perform at top-speed

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 1 in 5 small businesses falls victim to cybercrime each year, and of those, 60% go out of business within 6 months as a result of the accompanying financial damages.

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